Crane Estate

Celebrate your special day amidst some of the most spectacular scenery in the Northeast. The 2,100-acre Crane Estate is an unforgettable destination for your special event with its winding salt marshes, miles of barrier beach, and beautiful hilltop mansion. Chicago industrialist Richard T. Crane, Jr. first purchased the land that would become The Crane Estate in 1910. Crane was captivated by the beautiful landscape, and over the next two decades worked with some of America's leading architects and landscape architects to shape his summer retreat, sited with hilltop vistas of the Atlantic in an area of the property known as Castle Hill. In 1928, Castle Hill was crowned with a 59-room Stuart-style mansion designed by world-renowned architect David Adler. Today, the Crane family mansion is known as The Great House on The Crane Estate and is protected, along with the rest of Castle Hill, as a 165-acre National Historic Landmark.